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Project reference: 2009-1-DK1-GRU06-00850
COUNTRY: Denmark
PROJECT TITLE: Community of Practice for Families
Project description

COPFAM aims to: - raise awareness of the social and personal mechanisms rendering families at risk of exclusion- create a strong and versatile virtual environment where all involved persons can meet and discuss any subject relevant to their situation- demonstrate that adult learning - non-formal and informal – empowers disadvantaged individuals and their families to become more active citizens- organize efficient partnership coordination, communication, learning activities, and evaluation using common methods- generate an European added value and dissemination of project outcomes. Our primary target groups are:- parents at risk of exclusion owing to poor health, unemployment, low income, low education, lack of basic skills, poor integration- their family members - among which are handicapped children. Our secondary target groups are:- administration, planners and teachers in the partnership institution- local and state authorities- their combined providers of support (professional
voluntary and community association). Active participaton: We attach much importance to motivating learners and staff to an active involvement throughout the project by going to transnational meetings and by being active users of the project website between meetings.-

Area(s) covered
European citizenship and European dimension

Family / parent education
Learning opportunities for people at risk of social marginalisation
Coordinating institution
Name - Abbreviation:
Frit Oplysningsforbund Arhus - FO Arhus
Frederiksgade 78C
DK-Denmark, 8000, Arhus C
Email: fo-aarhus@fo-aarhus.dk
Name - Abbreviation:
Belvarosi Altalanos Iskola
Bercsenyl street 11
HU-Hungary, 5100, Jaszbereny
Email: jbelvarosi@freemail.hu
Name - Abbreviation:
Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Społecznych i Oświatowych
ul. Krolowej Jadwigi 11
PL-Poland, 33-180, Gromnik
Email: biurocumulus@o2.pl
Name - Abbreviation:
Elektrenu profesinio mokymo centras
Rungos g. 18
LT-Lithuania, 26105, Elektr÷nai
Telephone: 8 528 39523
Email: direktore@epmc.lt; brone.vilutiene@gmail.com
Name - Abbreviation:
Parents' Organization of Second School of Tripolis
GR-Greece, , Tripolis
Name - Abbreviation:
Norfolk and Norwich Scope Association - NANSA
33 Woodcock Road
GB-United Kingdom, , Norwich
Email: familycentre@nansa.org.uk
Name - Abbreviation:
Pe de Meia - Partilha e Empoderamento de Mulheres
Empreendedoras, Imigrantes Associadas, CRL
Estrada de Mafra, No. 59
PT-Portugal, 2710-367, Sintra,
Email: pedemeia@gmail.com


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